Abbastan Great Danes: Home of the Gentle Giant

Meet One of Central Florida’s Premier Blue & Black Great Dane Breeders

Welcome to the home of Abbastan Great Danes, a small, family breeder located in Central Florida. Our family specializes in Blue and Black Great Danes, both for show and as companion dogs.

Meet Krisstina & Her Family of Blue & Black Great Danes

Hi, I’m Krisstina, and Great Danes have been a lifelong love affair for me. Growing up, Danes were the only dog breed my family knew. My mother specialized in breeding Harlequins, and I even brought a beloved Dane to college. It was at the show ring with my mother that I first fell in love with Blue and Black Great Danes and the amazing community of people who were showing them.

Now, I’m honored to continue the family tradition of sharing the joy these gentle giants bring to every home who welcomes them. While we are located in Central Florida, Abbastan Danes have brought happiness to families throughout Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, (and beyond) since 1996. I’ve even been known to accompany puppies for the cross-country journey to their new families!

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The Abbastan Great Dane Difference

Choosing a dog breeder shouldn’t be taken lightly — you aren’t just buying a dog, you’re also buying a breeder. At Abbastan, breeding Great Danes is a hobby, done purely for love of the breed, not financial gain. Every Abbastan Dane is:

  • Health-tested and health guaranteed.
    Every puppy’s health is important to me. Abbastan Danes are guaranteed against genetically predisposed issues and come with health certifications, plus a 1-year health guarantee.
  • Bred to AKC standards.
    I specialize in Confirmation Danes, with impressive musculature and stunning angles. These dogs are a pleasure to look at in the ring and on your family’s couch (they are known as couch potatoes, after all).
  • Appropriately socialized.
    We stay away from pet hubs until vaccinations are finished, but otherwise puppies come with me everywhere I go. These emotionally resilient dogs are part of my family until they join yours (they’re also great with children).
  • Lifelong support.
    The Great Dane community is supportive and welcoming. I want every Abbastan puppy parent to feel that same support, and I welcome questions and updates throughout your dog’s life.

Abbastan’s Great Dane Litters

Due to a focus on breeding healthy puppies, our dames have litters on their terms. That’s why I encourage interested pet parents to sign up for our email list to receive updates on puppies.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of my Danes and of previous Blue and Black Great Dane litters.

Visit Abbastan Danes in Florida

If possible, I encourage you to come out for a visit to our home in Central Florida, where you can meet our Dane family and learn more about the breed. You can call me directly at (352) 860-2793 reach out using this form.

I also welcome questions of all types. If you’d like to learn more about Great Danes to determine if the breed is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also learn more on our Breed Information page.


She seriously hooked me up with the best dog I have ever owned.

- Michelle Mitchell

I have had a great experience raising my boy I got from them. When I needed help or had questions they were there with the answers.

- Thomas Damonica

I got my first Dane from Krisstina. When I lost my Zelda at 11 years old. I felt good about reconnecting with Abbastan Great Danes again. I feel confident my new pup from her will be another amazing adventure.

- Marion Duluth

We have owned three of their Danes over the past three decades. We hope to own a fourth some day soon.

- Richard Williams

Lily is the sweetest dog. We are very blessed to have her. Krisstina is very knowledgeable. We would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Great Dane.

- Kelly Mafnas